Saturday, June 14, 2014

Reuben J.L. 2 years old :)

Sorry for what is about to happen......
sort of.

My little person turned 2 in April and I FINALLY threw him outside in his most adorable, stinking outfit and had a little session with him.

I've got seriously. no. shame.

He's the cutest.

Reuben LOVES dinosaurs, hats, chocolate milk, giraffes, and all things HIGH ENERGY.

the "daydream cheese"

Looking at bugs

For real though.

calling the "kitty cat" (not our cat)

Has brought so much Joy to our lives the past 2 years.

um, again...not our kitty cat.


for narnia...... :)


Some sessions are just SO EASY. This was one of them.

This cutie pants, Elijah Craig, is already 7 Months Old!!!
I was so thrilled to accept when Elijah's Momma asked me to do a mini-6 month shoot of the little guy.......

Meanwhile, Big Brother Ian & My guy, Reuben played in the background.

Enjoy :)



Even got a few shots of big brother

Guys....this kid. :)

Thanks Kim, for allowing me to capture a few sweet moments with your precious boys.