Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rocky and The Severins

On a quickie visit to Pensacola I was able to do an impromptu mini shoot of one of my 
favorite families!!

Joe and Jess are such sweethearts and Rocky just happens to be my doggie's best buddy:

Here are a couple adorable shots
 (taken from the back yard of their apartment...thank you very much) 


Nice Family Portrait :)

Respect the bow tie.


 Love these guys. 
Thanks for some great shots!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stall Engagement.....AGAIN :)

Totally and Completely forgot I had shot a bit of the Stall's Engagement shoot with my trusty holga!

Was pleasantly surprised to find a couple adorable ones:

Lovely Lovely Lovely.

Reuben John Lawrence

The following is a mini introduction of our sweet baby boy

Born 04/06/2012


1 Month with Daddy (and spit up :)  )

and Mommy

 such a sweetie....

KIVA and His baby

The Lord has been so Sweet to us.

Obviously,  we can't get enough of this kid.....so I'm sure you'll all be seeing more of him soon. :)