Monday, December 31, 2012

Bohannon Family

I had the JOY of photographing the Bohannon Family on Christmas Day this year.

We had a quick shoot (as we fought off rain) outside of the Veranda Inn in Senoia, GA.
The Inn is so charming and we barely used the grounds! 

Grandpa and Grandma BO with their Grands.... :)

As with any shoot with kids.....the candids end up being the cutest!

These sweethearts are celebrating 36 years together!

John and Emily

with their cutie pies.... Asher and Briella

 Ian and Aubern

and sweet sweet Phoebe Jo

quite possibly the most photogenic child alive!

The whole Family....
Including Ian's Momma, who was able to join us!

I always love photographing kiddos. 
You never know quite what you are going to capture, but (especially with the Bohannon children) it always ends of delightful :)

Such a special treat for our Christmas.
Thanks Bohannon Family!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Jill and Kaitlyn

This weekend I had the sweetest time photographing Momma/Daughter/BFF duo: 

Jill and Kaitlyn.

These girls are the best of friends and simply, simply beautiful!
Here are a "few" (I had a hard time narrowing down, because I LOVED them all SO very much) :

Is there anything better than a Momma/Daughter Twirl session??

Girls and their Boots :)

So. Much. Giggling.

Mid shoot, Kaitlyn hit her modeling stride and had a VERY important secret to share.....

This was her BIG idea: ADORABLE


So Sweet.

Kaitlyn's next BIG idea:

I had such an Amazing time with these chatty,giggly, lovely ladies. 
Can't wait to photograph them again!
Thanks Wise Girls!