Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hightower Beach Park Session

I had a simply lovely Sunday afternoon with this hilarious little family.

Jeff, Carol, and Haley are such a kind, easy-going, and extremely GIGGLY group.
We met a bit before sunset this past Sunday for a little boardwalk session (with the MOST PERFECT WEATHER) and had the greatest time.

Here are some favorites...

I love these: Carol decided to tickle them both :)

such sweethearts

And more giggling....

Sweet Momma/Daughter shots

and Daddy/Daughter


Favorite #1

Isn't this just dreamy?
Most of this session I didn't even have to tell them how to stand/what to do.  
Natural models :)

Okay...gave me a good chuckle, check out the height difference in the family.

I told them to act naturally while I shot around them.....
Haley IMMEDIATELY jumped into their laps. :)

and my personal favorite from the day:

So glad to have been able to make this session happen!!
Thanks for a great shoot sweet family!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

BunInTheOven: Therrian Family

Everyone remember my "Hero Homecoming" session with the Therrian Family a few weeks ago....

Well, now its time for BABY #2!!!

Baby Boy just simply could not wait until Early November to come, so we decided to do a semi-last minute BunInTheOven Session with Tom, Jenn, & Keegan before baby's big arrival!!!

I have so much love for this family!

Sweet Keegan is so excited for baby brother

One of my Favorites from the day.

:)...check out that little boy hand sneaking in our shot.

Aren't they stunning?!?!

Jenn's Portraits turned out BEAUTIFULLY... I had a seriously hard time choosing previews

She's such a supermodel :)

Love this.....

and my absolute favorite shot of the day:

I'm so excited to see your little family growing and so blessed to have been able to capture one of your last afternoons as a family of 3!!!!!

ps..... look for baby boy #2 pictures soon to come (hint hint, jenn :)  )